If making a snow angel in a pit of skulls, playing with snakes or eating bugs is your thing then you will love the Shadow of the Tomb Raider experience.

Square Enix did a magnificent job turning Moonshine Flats (344 Seventh Ave) into a must-see playground for Lara Croft and all her Tomb Raider fans.

A common theme of the immersive experience is Face Your Fear. The snake pit is truly a place where you must do just that as you are draped with slithering, slimy snakes whilst sitting atop a pile of human skulls. A Photo op is your prize for enduring this Tomb Raiders of the Lost Ark style torture.

If that’s not your cup of tea, then head on over to the Xbox One wheel and see what culinary delights await. If you have a strong stomach, you may want to uncover the platter and eat what is underneath for a chance at winning an Xbox One. I have never been more nervous than I was right before lifting the lid to unveil which creature I would have to attempt to eat in front of a room of rubbernecking spectators. What would it be? A giant black scorpion, a huge water bug, black ants in a weird yellow goo or perhaps a cup full of grubs? Yes, it was a cup full of grubs which were actually not bad and super easy to get down. My friend was not as lucky, he got the giant black scorpions and they were pretty painful to even look at let alone eat. He did finish them, it took a little while, but he did it. Bravo. Neither of us won the Xbox, but it was worth the memories.

If bugs are not what you were hoping for on the menu they do offer themed food and drinks at the bar but where’s the fun in that? This experience is a 21+ event and you must sign a waiver before being allowed into the jungle. So that should tell you all you need to know.

Another major benefit of attending this event is that you get to play the demo of Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PC or Xbox One before its Sept 14th release.