One of the most anticipated immersive activations outside of the San Diego Convention Center at Comic-Con 2018 is the DC Universe Experience, which offers attendees a first look at what the ultimate DC membership entails. If you can’t wait to see what they have in store, like I couldn’t wait, then get in line.

No, seriously get in line.

Located at the Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Starlight Terrace (401 K Street), the line started around the block at 8am Thursday morning and we eventually got in a little after 10am. The doors open at 9:30am everyday and close at 7pm Thurs-Sat and 5pm on Sunday.

Pre-Registration is available (register at DCUniverseExperience.com), but does not guarantee anything other than you being well prepared upon arrival to the gates leading up the stairs to … yep you guessed it, more lines. First grab yourself some Liquid Nitrogen frozen popcorn from the Doom Patrol Chief’s Lab and then check out the props strewn around the courtyard. The Batmobile, Titans Display, DC Legends and other swag from your favorite old movies and television shows pair nicely with your frozen treat.

This all ties into the launching of the DC streaming service that will offer DC Fans the ability to watch exclusive original series like Swamp Thing, Young Justice: Outsiders, Titans, Doom Patrol and a Harley Quinn animated series. Along with these new shows there will be access to classic movies and other DC animated series. Membership, which can be pre-ordered at the DC Booth, is exclusively for SDCC fans and includes 3 additional months free, a DC Universe Member T-shirt, and entry for a chance to win tickets to the US premiere of Aquaman. Sounds like a great deal at an annual $74.99 or $7.99 a month, but wait there’s more! Membership also offers a list of digital comics, a forum to connect with content creators, and other DC fans and a member only store to get exclusive DC gear. Ok, enough with the advert, lets get into the experience.

Equipped with your scannable DC wristband, enter any of the 5 experiences and enjoy what DC has whipped up for SDCC 2018.

The Young Justice Watchtower gives you a hero assessment to find out which member of the Outsiders crew you most resemble. I was Superboy, not what I expected but who am I to question the almighty Watchtower super computer. Next, you’ll be herded to the green screen to get a picture taken for a personalized roster photo which is all sent to your very own Digital Memory Bank via email. There is an access code on the back of your scannable wristband that grants you access to all the photos and video taken during the entire DC Experience so don’t lose it.

The Swamp Thing Swamp Course was one of my favorites as you must navigate through the murky depths and choose the right path to take to escape unscathed. Be careful not to slip on the stone path as you may contract the dreaded swamp virus, and nobody wants that, it will put a total damper on the rest of your Con. There may be some inopportune photos taken during your trek so suck it in and don’t get too frightened by what lurks beneath.

Dick Grayson’s Loft from Titans is an escape room at its finest with a truly committed individual as the Police Detective helping you solve clues to eventually unlock a promo for the Titans TV Series and unlock the door to exit. The loft was very intricately decorated which made the experience all that much better. The Flying Grayson’s framed circus poster was amazing to see along with the heavy bag that had a Robin throwing star protruding out were enough to push this experience over the top. Attention to details kids.

In the Beware the Court of Owls immersive activation, you can maneuver through the cramped tunnels, flashing lights, and descend into madness with Batman. You may encounter some masked court members as you attempt to escape the sewers and Talon may be waiting for you to lose your way. Do not go gently into that Dark Knight.

Or perhaps you may want to … Rage, Rage against the dying of the light in the Harley Quinn Chaos Room. If that’s the case, suit up in a white cloak and goggles and go nuts … who you calling nuts, what, I’m fine … who said that?!? Nevermind, take the baseball bat and tear up the room and find beauty in all the madness. Remember how long that line to get in was … take it out on that Joker painted dummy. Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy. Oh yeah Puddin’ there may be some security footage of your little outburst too. HAHAHA!!! Jokes on you.