Comic-Con attendees got to cool off at the San Diego marina today as IMDb hosted day two of their third annual #IMDboat at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cena, Olivia Holt, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen, Danai Gurira, Jefferey Dean Morgan, Tara Reid, the cast of Sharknado, the cast of Better Call Saul, and more sat down for interviews with host Kevin Smith aboard the #IMDboat. John Cena and Jorge Lendeborg debated over who was the Megan Fox of Bumblebee. Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis shared the cultural relevance of Halloween and its connection to the Time's Up movement. Curtis also shared the funny story about how she met and married her husband, Christopher Guest. Additionally, Norman Reedus and The Walking Dead cast shared their thoughts on Andrew Lincoln leaving the show, with each one giving him a special send off message. 

Jamie Lee Curtis on the Cultural Relevance of 'Halloween'

“This is a girl who has PTSD. There were no psychological services. There was no team of experts who descended on Haddonfield to help her through this. She was raised by midwestern parents who were like ‘Honey, you’re fine, go back to school - so sorry about your friends.’ And this was a girl who carried this understanding that that random act was not going away, and she knew that her whole life - her entire adult life.”

Jamie Lee Curtis on First Meeting Her Husband Christopher Guest

“I saw his picture in a magazine in Rolling Stone when Spinal Tap came out and said to Debra Hill, who co-wrote Halloween and was a friend of mine at that point, I said to her out loud, “Oh! I’m going to marry that guy.” I’ve never seen him in my life and went, “Oh! I’m going to marry him!” And she said “Oh, his name is Chris Guest, I was going to put him in a movie. She said, “He’s with your agency” and I said, “Oh! Yeah, I’m going to marry him!” The next day I called his agent and his agent said, “Yeah I know all about it, Christ Guest.” I was like, “what!” He said, “Debra Hill called me.” I said, “You know what, here’s my number, give it to him. I’m single and I think he’s cute.” He never called me and I dated somebody else … True story! Then the night it ended I picked up Melanie Griffith and Steven Bauer. We went to Hugo’s in West Hollywood. We sat down and Chris was sitting two tables away and looked at me and just waved, so I waved back. Then he got up to leave like a minute later and he stood there and shrugged his shoulders and waved, so I did the same thing back and he left. He called me the next day, we went out two days later, and we got married 4 month later!”